I have been working in robotics since 2001 on many different types of vehicles.

My CV can be found at denewiler.us/cv.


Currently working on large autonomous ground vehicles as shown by the New York Times. I am responsible for testing and merging new features and improvements into the baseline configuration.

Graduate School

During graduate school I worked on the Stingray autonomous underwater vehicle. I was the software lead for several of the AUVSI underwater vehicle competitions. Most of the code and wiki pages from that project are now hosted at stingray-auv.

I finished my Master’s degree in 2011. My thesis involved state estimation and model-based waypoint following for small ground vehicles. A compiled version of my thesis is available at denewiler.us/thesis.pdf. Source files for my thesis are on GitHub.

I wrote lecture notes in Latex (available on my GitHub page) for several courses:

An empty template for creating lecture notes is available as well.


Previously I worked on projects involving: